Six Lives – Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn by Unknown Artist

Book of Hours
circa 1528

‘Henry and Anne inscribed loving messages to each other in this Book of Hours…Anne’s inscription survives, ;By daily proof you shall me find/ To be to you both loving and kind.’

Anne Boleyn’s psalter, 1529-32

‘This French Psalter was a bespoke commission for Anne.’

Anne Boleyn
By an unidentified artist
Lead medal, 1534

‘This is the only portrait of Anne that has never been questioned. The likeness is abraded but the sitter can be identified as Anne through the AR initials, for Anna Regina, and the inclusion of her motto, ‘The Most Happy’ round the edge.’

Whistle pendant combined with cosmetic implements

‘This pendant is thought to have been one of Henry’s earliest gifts to Anne.’

Precedent book containing writes related to
the execution of Anne Boleyn and her co-accused
Clerk of the Crown, 18 May 1536

‘These writs specify the legal process for the execution of Anne and the men condemned with her.’

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