Six Lives – Katherine of Aragon

Katherine of Aragon by Unknown Artist

Letter from Katherine of Aragon to Henry VIII
16 September 1513

Katherine’s letter accompanied a report on the English victory at the Battle of Flodden

Katherine of Aragon
Workshop of the Horenbout family, circa 1526

Princess Mary, daughter of Katherine of Aragon
attributed to Lucas Horenbout, circa 1525

The Howard Grace Cup
Metalwork, turned elephant ivory bowl, with silver-gilt mounts
set with gemstones and pearls, 1525-6

‘This ivory bowl was said to have belonged to St Thomas Becket, the English saint who was martyred for stressing the rights and privileges of the Catholic Church over the English king, Henry II. Bequeathed to Katherine early in her reign, she had it mounted and decorated with her emblems. Many of Katherine’s emblems were deliberately erased after the annulment of her marriage.’

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