My review of ‘The Woodville Women’ by Sarah J Hodder

(c) Pen & Sword History

‘The Woodville Women’ is a fascinating look at the lives of Queen Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Elizabeth of York, and Elizabeth Grey; mother, daughter, and granddaughter. While the lives of the two Queens are well known, Hodder’s emphasis on family, provides a different viewpoint.

It was particularly interesting to learn about Elizabeth Grey, who was granddaughter to Elizabeth Woodville via her first marriage, also making her cousin to Henry VIII and great aunt to Lady Jane Grey. Elizabeth accompanied Mary Tudor during her brief reign as Queen of France and later married without consent to the ninth Earl of Kildare, who became Lord Deputy of Ireland. Living on the fringes of the royal court, Elizabeth found her kinship with Henry VIII both helped and hindered her as her husband rose and fell from favour.

I have enjoyed the author’s previous books but with ‘The Woodville Women’ I think Sarah has truly found her narrative voice.

Thank you to Pen and Sword for my review copy

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