My review of ‘The York Princesses: The daughters of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville’ by Sarah J Hodder

(c) Chronos Books

The daughters of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville were once destined to be the Queens of France, Scotland, Spain, and Archduchess of Austria. But following the death of their father, the disappearance of their brothers and being declared illegitimate during the reign of their uncle, Richard III, most of the York sisters led very different lives to the ones planned for them.

As she did with the sisters of Elizabeth Woodville, Sarah rescues the Princesses from the shadow of their more famous sister, Elizabeth of York, the first Tudor Queen. Two of the Princesses did not reach adulthood, one became a nun and the others served as ladies in waiting and played key roles in events at court.

Hodder has once again successfully pieced together the sources to provide an interesting account of these largely overlooked women. This concise, and very well written book is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to know more about the York Princesses.

Thank you to Chronos Books for my review copy

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