My review of ‘The Boy King’ by Janet Wertman

(c) Janet Wertman

If you have ever wondered what it must have been like to become King of England at 9 years old, then Janet Wertman’s final part of the ‘Seymour Saga’ goes a long way to answering that question. ‘The Boy King’ starts as Edward becomes King and we follow him as he learns the ropes of Kingship under the guidance firstly of his uncle, Edward Seymour and later, from John Dudley.

The narration is shared between Edward VI and his half-sister, Princess Mary and shows their difficulty in balancing their familial relationship with their opposing religious views. Throughout his reign, Edward must learn who to trust and try to recognise the levels of manipulation he is subjected to by those around him.

‘The Boy King’ can be read as a stand-alone novel. Or if you are me, you can read this one first and then immediately download ‘Jane the Quene’ and ‘The Path to Somerset’ because you are hooked.

Thank you to Janet Wertman for my review copy of ‘The Boy King.’

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