My review of ‘The King’s Pearl: Henry VIII and His Daughter Mary’ by Melita Thomas

(c) Amberley Publishing

This is a meticulously researched and very well written debut by Melita Thomas. Mary Tudor (daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon) has been the subject of several biographies in recent years but Thomas manages to find a different angle by focusing on the relationship between Mary and her father. Events in Europe and England are viewed in this context and how these affected Mary’s status as Henry’s heir.

Traditionally Mary I’s relationship with her father, during Anne Boleyn’s queenship, has been viewed as almost non-existent. However, Melita throws new light on this traumatic period of Mary’s life. Her research highlights just how closely Mary was able to keep in touch with the Imperial Ambassador, how far Mary was willing to go to defend her mother and the lessons Mary learned from this.

This biography will have you viewing Mary and this part of her father’s reign anew.

Thank you to Amberley Publishing for my review copy.

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