Lady Jane article by Leanda de Lisle in ‘Royal Women’ magazine

Historian Leanda de Lisle, has an article about Lady Jane in a ‘Royal Women’ Collector’s Edition special from the makers of BBC History Magazine.

(c) BBC History Magazine

(c) BBC History Magazine

According to the BBC History Magazine website, the magazine is ‘a compilation of the best articles from BBC History Magazine, plus several new pieces.’

‘Faking Jane’ by Leanda de Lisle was also published in the BBC History Magazine (March 2010) edition and as ‘Slaughter of the Innocent’ in the collector’s edition, ‘The Story of the Tudors: The Rise and Fall of a Dynasty, from Henry VII to Elizabeth I’, which was published in July 2014.

So if you missed out on these, you have another chance to read de Lisle’s fascinating article about Lady Jane.

For more information and to buy the magazine:

BBC History Magazine – The ultimate guide to royal women

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