New book about works of Katherine Parr – UK release date update

Dr Stephan Edwards has told me about a new book about the writings of Katherine Parr.

Edited by Janel Mueller, ‘Katherine Parr: Complete Works and Correspondence’, University of Chicago Press Books tells me that the expected release date is 22nd July 2011.

The University of Chicago Press Books writes:

‘Janel Mueller has assembled the four publications attributed to Parr—Psalms or Prayers, Prayers or Meditations, The Lamentation of a Sinner, and a compilation of prayers and Biblical excerpts written in her hand—as well as her extensive correspondence, which is collected here for the first time. Mueller brings to this volume a wealth of knowledge of sixteenth-century English culture. She marshals the impeccable skills of a textual scholar in rendering Parr’s sixteenth-century English for modern readers and provides useful background on the circumstances of and references in Parr’s letters and compositions.

Given its scope and ambition, Katherine Parr: Complete Works and Correspondence will be an event for the English publishing world and will make an immediate contribution to the fields of sixteenth-century literature, reformation studies, women’s writing, and Tudor politics.’
From University of Chicago Press Books

Contents includes:


Part 1: Prologue to Queenship, before July 1543

Part 2: Katherine as Regent of England, July to September 1544

Part 3: Queen Katherine, January 1544 to January 1547

Part 4: The Dowager Queen, February 1547 to September 1548

Part 5: Epilogue—Remembrances of the Queen, September 1548 to after 1571

Complete Works

Psalms or Prayers (1544)


Modern Version

Prayers or Meditations (1545)


Kendal Autograph Fragment

Modern Version

The Lamentation of a Sinner (1547)


Modern Version

Personal Prayerbook (ca. 1544–48)


Autograph Text (Harley 2342)

Modern Version


1: The Elton Hall Inscriptions Relating to Katherine Parr

2: The Inventory of Katherine Parr’s Personal Effects

University of Chicago Press Books


“There has been no full annotated edition of Katherine Parr’s works before and it is high time that we had one. This new edition is a huge accomplishment, and many scholars, from those interested in women’s studies to those exploring Tudor politics to religious historians, will want to consult it.”—Anne Lake Prescott, Barnard College, Columbia University

“In this much-needed and meticulously annotated edition of the devotional writings and correspondence of Katherine Parr, Janel Mueller recovers the voice of an important Tudor author whose writings have received little attention from readers over the centuries. The first woman to publish books in English under her own name, she engaged in self-revelatory reflection that offers unique insight into the mentality of an English queen. Learned in multiple languages, she appears to have molded the character of her stepdaughter who later reigned as Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen of England. Of particular interest within this exemplary edition are two documents written in Katherine Parr’s own hand, for which Professor Mueller provides old-spelling transcriptions that supplement the modernized texts of her complete oeuvre.”—John N. King, The Ohio State University

“Janel Mueller’s edition of the writings of Queen Katherine Parr makes a perfect bookend to the earlier edition of the writings of Queen Elizabeth I, who owed much, as this superbly collected volume shows, to the complicated example of her brave and prudent stepmother.”—Maureen Quilligan, Duke University

University of Chicago Press Books

For more information:

University of Chicago Press Books

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