Copy of a new portrait of Princess Elizabeth found

It was reported yesterday that a copy of a rare portrait of the young Princess Elizabeth has been discovered.

The portrait will be on display at Boughton House, Northamptonshire from August. See website for details.
Boughton House

Rare portrait discovered showing Elizabeth I as a teenager
Rare Elizabeth I portrait found
Portrait of Princess Elizabeth I found

Historian Tracy Borman suggests that this new portrait could be used to identify the portrait of an unknown woman owned by the National Portrait Gallery and previously thought to be Lady Jane Grey.

The portrait of the Unknown Woman from the NPG is currently part of the ‘On the Nature of Women: Tudor and Jacobean Portraits of Women 1535-1620’ exhibition at Montacute House in Somerset. The exhibition runs from 30 April 2008 to October 2009.

See blog entries May 1 and April 29 for further details about the exhibition.

Tracy Borman was interviewed about the discovery on BBC Radio 4’s The Today Programme on Tuesday 27th May.

Today – The Forgotten Portrait

Listen to this interview at the BBC site.
07.43 – Today Programme – A rare portrait of Elizabeth I as a teenager has been discovered and we talk to the person who found it.

Read more in the June issue of BBC History Magazine.

Alison Weir is interviewed as part of the June 2008 podcast (from 26 minutes in).

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