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30 April – Edward VI: Henry VIII’s Overshadowed Son by Stephanie Kline

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‘For too long, King Edward VI has been pushed to the very edges of Tudor history – overlooked in favour of some of the more vibrant personalities of his family members, such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Known as the ‘boy king’ of the Tudor dynasty, he is often remembered for little more than the ambitious councillors who governed England during his minority. His reign, however, and the significant religious changes that took place as he furthered the Protestant Reformation in England, had great influence over the remaining decades of the Tudor period and even modern Britain as we know it today. ‘Boy king’ though he may have been, Edward VI and his government were more significant to the history of England than he is often given credit for, and it is long past time for careful and thoughtful study of his life and reign. Edward VI: Henry VIII’s Overshadowed Son aims to reopen the pages of his story, arguing that however brief it may have been, Edward VI’s reign had lasting impacts on the religious landscape in England, and is certainly a Tudor reign worth remembering.’


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