HistFest 2022 – The House of Dudley – 9th April 2022

As part of HistFest 2022, Dr Joanne Paul took part in a Q&A about ‘The House of Dudley’ with Dr Wanda Wyporska.

In a fascinating discussion about the Dudley family and their dealings with the Tudor monarchs, in which Edward VI was compared to King Joffrey, Lady Jane got a few mentions.

One topic discussed was the importance of women’s relationships with their natal families and the families they married into.

Mary Dudley, married Henry Sidney and became Mary Sidney, but she remained a Dudley.

Jane Guildford becomes a Dudley and saves the family after her husband’s execution.

We know Jane as Jane Grey, even though by the time in question she was Jane Dudley and was referred as such in the texts of the time.

Dr Paul thinks that Jane should be counted in the list of Kings and Queens as she was declared Queen by the Privy Council. If that is the case then, Guildford Dudley should be named as King Consort or Prince Consort of England.

The characterisation of Jane Dudley does her an injustice, Jane had a lot more agency. Jane writes this fantastic account about how none of it is her fault. When she found out she was Queen she weeps, hates her in-laws and was forced to do it all. Maybe Jane hated her in-laws but maybe she was more involved? The only document that backs this up is written by Jane, when she was no longer Queen.

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