Myths of the Tower Talk

Yesterday evening I watched the fascinating online talk from HRP, ‘Myths of the Tower with Lucy Worsley, Ravenmaster Chris Skaife and Curator Jane Spooner.’

The myths included:

Death of George, Duke of Clarence
Princes in the Tower
Secret Tunnels

Lady Jane got a brief mention as one of the 7 people to be executed privately within the Tower grounds.

At the end of the talk, Lucy, Chris and Jane answered questions from the audience. One of these questions was related to Jane.

Jane Cooper was asked about her favourite ‘grafiti’ in the Beauchamp Tower. Jane’s answer was (from memory):

‘The most impressive is that associated with the imprisonment of the Dudleys who were involved with the brief queenship of Lady Jane Grey. Someone inscribed in the soft stone of the Tower the names of the Dudley brothers and an elaborate carving. They were either released before it was finished or were stopped from finishing it.’

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