Top Experiences – Part 2

Looking back on the last 20 years these are more of my top experiences!

Talk for the Tudor Society

In May 2019 I recorded a talk about Jane for the Tudor Society. Society members can listen to it here.

(c) Tudor Society

Flowers for Lady Jane

I try to visit the Tower on 12th February every 10 years and leave flowers in memory of Jane. My Dad accompanied me on my 2014 visit and although it was pouring with rain, we enjoyed the Yeoman Warder’s tour, which featured information about Jane and Guildford. As the weather was so bad, we ended up going in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula earlier in the tour than was usual and I got a seat near the front with a good view of the memorial stone that mentions Jane. At the end of the tour I waited for everyone to leave and then asked the Yeoman Warder if he would put my flowers for Jane somewhere. He very kindly removed the barrier to the altar and let me leave the flowers on the memorial stone.

Lady Jane Grey’s Prayerbook

Lady Jane’s prayer book is currently held at the British Library and is not on public display. It used to be on display in the manuscript room at the British Museum and I would go and have a look at it every time I visited London. Being able to see Jane’s writing up close was amazing!

(c) British Library

Special Birthday Presents

For my 40th birthday, my wonderful parents got me a Lady Jane Grey rose and Lady Jane featured on my birthday cake.

My amazing sister and brother-in-law bought my domain name in 2012 and my brother-in-law hosts my website.

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