New identity for Teerlinc miniature?

Thanks to Lee at Lady Jane Grey Revisited for posting about this new possible identification of the sitter in the ‘Teerlinc’ portrait.

In Portrait of an Unknown Lady: Technical Analysis of an Early Tudor Miniature, Polly Saltmarsh puts forward the argument that the sitter is a young Mary I.

In 2007, David Starkey suggested that the woman is Lady Jane Grey and was painted by Lavinia Teerlinc. The miniature, which is owned by the Yale Center for British Art was on display in the UK in March 2007 at the Philip Mould Gallery, as part of the ‘Lost Faces: Identity and Discovery in Tudor Royal Portraiture’ exhibition.

In 2000, Susan E James and James S Franco suggested the sitter as Queen Katherine Howard and the artist as Susanna Horenbout. Eric Ives in 2009 and Chris Skidmore in 2010, both suggested that the woman is Amy Rosbart (wife of Robert Dudley).

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