Bloody Tales of the Tower available on DVD

Suzannah Lipscomb (@sixteenthCgirl ) has tweeted about the DVD of her TV series ‘Bloody Tales of the Tower’ being released next month. First shown on National Geographic in April, this three part series was also presented by Joe Crowley.

The DVD is available from 15th October and Amazon writes that:

‘For those who like their history brought to life albeit briefly before the axe falls – Bloody Tales of the Tower is a fascinating look at life behind the walls of one of England’s most iconic buildings.’

The second episode ‘Executions’ featured the execution of Lady Jane Grey and the third episode, ‘Scandal!’, featured the escape from the Tower of Arbella Stuart.

You can read my write up of the Lady Jane episode:

Bloody Tales of the Tower – Lady Jane Grey

Further information about the DVD at

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