BBC History Extra Podcast – Everything you ever wanted to know about the Tudors with Tracy Borman

The BBC History Extra podcast, ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about the Tudors, but were afraid to ask,’ featured Tracy Borman answering questions about the dynasty.

It is a fascinating listen and Lady Jane gets 2 mentions.

(c) BBC History Extra

Question from ‘Sir Walter’ – Why did Lady Jane’s supporters so quickly abandon her?

Tracy – ‘Yes, that’s a good one this because Lady Jane Grey did have a body of powerful supporters before Edward VI died and they were quality over quantity however. They were powerful at the time but not great in number and it soon became very, very obvious to those supporters of Lady Jane that Mary Tudor, the rightful Queen really, had far more support. And she had popular support as well as military support. So they kind of saw the writing on the wall and tried to defect to Marys’ camp but of course they mostly got their comeuppance because she was not going to forgive that in a hurry.’

David Musgrove – Should Lady Jane Grey be included in the list of Queens of England?

Tracy – ‘I think she should really, it is slight divisive, poor old Jane did not hold onto the throne for very long. The succession was altered wrongfully but she was still Queen of England for a very, very brief time, so she ought be included I think she but she is often overlooked. She is going to be included in my book though.’

You can listen to the podcast at BBC History Extra.

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