Service from St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London

On Sunday 12th January, the BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship programme came from the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London. The Chapel is celebrating the 500th anniversary of its foundation this year.

The service mentioned Lady Jane.

‘It wasn’t long before this chapel of St Peter-ad-Vincula took on another role, other than regular worship for the local community. All those who were condemned to death and executed on Tower Hill were to be buried inside this chapel, without the rites of the church, and often without their head. It didn’t take long under King Henry’s rule, for the place to start to fill up, this included two of his wives, Queen Ann Boleyn and Queen Katherine Howard – his second and fifth wife respectively. He also had Thomas More and John Fisher executed and then buried here; today they are saints of the church. But perhaps saddest of all amongst those who found themselves condemned to death and buried in the chapel, was the 17 year old Lady Jane Grey – Queen for just nine days. Well, I’m pleased to say that we have moved on from those sad old days. Today the chapel has thousands of visitors who come for the Tower experience; when they visit the chapel, they hear the Beefeaters tell the stories of those who lie beneath the floor, they light their candles, say their prayers and wonder at the simple beauty of a Tudor chapel built to the glory of God 500 years ago.’

From BBC Radio 4

You can listen to and also read the text of the service at:

BBC Radio 4 – Sunday Worship.

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