Inside the Tower of London – Episode 5 – Lady Jane Grey

Episode 5 of ‘Inside the Tower of London’ to be broadcast on Channel 5, Tuesday 1st October at 9pm, is about Lady Jane.

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According to the Radio Times website.

‘The story of Lady Jane Grey’s brief rule as queen and execution in the Tower. Chief curator Tracy Borman explores how Edward VI’s will placed her on the throne while still in her teens, only for the dead king’s sister Mary to proclaim herself queen in defiance of his wishes, but with great public support. The programme features footage of the annual flower-laying ceremony on the anniversary of Jane’s death.

More from the Historic Royal Palaces website.

‘At the heart of this episode is one of the Tower of London’s greatest tragedies — the story of teenage Queen Lady Jane Grey, who was executed at the Tower during the reign of Mary I.

Join Historic Royal Palaces curators as they investigate Jane’s imprisonment at the Tower, and explore ancient graffiti carved into the walls by her fellow prisoners — a reminder of the once-powerful lives that were destroyed here.

Chief Curator Tracy Borman delves into the archives to examine documents relating to Edward VI, who disinherited his half-sisters Mary and Elizabeth in favour of Jane and her family.

Plus, for the first time ever, cameras capture a poignant annual ceremony in which a lone woman comes to lay flowers and remember Jane on the anniversary of her death.

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