On sale 27th June – The Poison Bed (paperback) by E C Fremantle and the chance to win a copy!

The paperback of ‘The Poison Bed’ by E C Fremantle goes on sale on 27th June.

Described by The Times as ‘A gripping page-turner that will have you awake long into the night. Ingenious’ and believe me, it is, thanks to Penguin, you can win a copy later this month!

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‘Autumn, 1615.

Frances Carr is imprisoned in a cold, lightless room.

She is accused of murder.

In a cell nearby is her co-accused – her husband Robert.

Kept apart, Frances can only tell her side of the story.

How did she come to be here?

Can she somehow prove her innocence?

And what lengths will she go to to save herself?’

From – Amazon.co.uk

Further details – E C Fremantle

Further details – Amazon.co.uk

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