Tour of Syon

In September I went on the Totally Thames Tour of Syon House.

The afternoon consisted of a interesting guided tour of the ground floor of the house, where I learnt some new facts about Syon

The Print Room portrait of Lady Jane

The Print Room portrait of Lady Katherine Grey and her son

One of the highlights of the tour was the chance to venture into the gardens at the back of the house which are normally not open to the public.

We were able to walk between the river and the house, which in Lady Jane’s time was the front of the house. So, I was able to see the route she would have taken from the river to the house, when she arrived on 9th July 1553.

View of the river from the gardens

Route from the river to what used to be the front of Syon House

Instead of going on the tour of the park, we went back into the house and managed to get the Long Gallery, where it is traditionally believed that Jane was told she was Queen, to ourselves!

The Long Gallery

We also visited the crypt where Jane is mentioned in the display.

Display in the crypt

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