Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel – Reviews

‘Bring Up the Bodies’ by Hilary Mantel, the sequel to 2009’s ‘Wolf Hall’ will be pubished in the US on May 8th and on the 10th in the UK.

Reviews have started appearing:

Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel by Philip Hensher – The Independent – 20th May (added 20th May)

The Tudors’ deadly Sir Humphrey

‘In Mantel’s gripping retelling of the story, Cromwell is the polished spider at the centre of the web, interrogating suspects and witnesses, asking them loaded questions, twisting their answers, then masterminding the replacement of an unpopular Queen without capsizing the ship of state.

It is a real page-turner and, if it is difficult to warm to the main character, Mantel has found the happy knack of writing historical fiction with such colloquial vividness that you feel as if you are a fly on the wall of Cromwell’s study, wacthing a Tudor Sir Humphrey manipulate his puppets.

Except, unlike Sir Humphrey, he has the death sentence at his disposal. It is a magnificent encore from frist page to last.’

by Max Davidson, p.10, Review, Mail on Sunday, 20th May 2012

Book review: ‘Bring Up the Bodies’ is a compelling re-creation by Martin Rubin – Los Angeles Times – 18th May (added 19th May)

Book Review – Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel by Vit Wagner – National Post – 18th May (added 19th May)

Historical Fiction by Kathy Stevenson – Daily Mail – 17th May (added 19th May)

Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel by Erica Marcus – Newsday – 17th May (added 19th May)

Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel: review by Frances Wilson – The Observer – 13th May (added 13th May)

Cromwell’s Finest Hour by Geraldine Brooks – The Age – 12th May (added 12th May)

Anne Boleyn: witch, bitch, temptress, feminist The Guardian – 11th May (added 12th May)

Another historical Mantel piece by Hannah Stephenson – Irish Independent – 11th May (added 12th May)

Bring Up The Bodies by Jennifer Selway – The Daily Express – 11th May (added 12th May)

Can Mantel’s Bring Up The Bodies match Wolf Hall? by Nick Higham – BBC News – 11th May (added 11th May)

The man who sealed Anne’s fate by Melanie McDonagh – Evening Standard – 10th May (added 11th May)

Bring Up the Bodies: A Review and Interview With Booker Prize-winning Author Hilary Mantel by Ilana Teitelbaum – The Huffington Post – 9th May (added 11th May)

Hilary Mantel Continues Her Bloody Brilliant Tudor Saga With Bring Up the Bodies by Rachel Syme – Time Entertainment – 9th May (added 10th May)

Book World: Hilary Mantel’s ‘Bring Up the Bodies’ by Wendy Smith – The Washington Post – 8th May – (added 8th May)

Machiavelli Would Be Proud as Cromwell Outwits Queen by Hephzibah Anderson – Bloomberg Business Week – 7th May – (added 8th May)

Tudor prose: Returning to the chambers of King Henry VIII – The Economist – 5th May (added 7th May)

Royal Flush Newsweek Magazine – 7th May (added 7th May)

Book Review: Bring Up The Bodies Scotland on Sunday – 6th May (added 7th May)

The ‘Marvelous’ Rise Of King Henry’s Adviser – NPR Books – 5th May (added 7th May)

Bring Up The Bodies: Review – The Downfall of Anne Boleyn by Margaret Atwood – The Guardian – 4th May (added 7th May)

Heads Will Roll by Steve Donouhge – Wall Street Journal – 4th May (added 7th May)

Bring Up The Bodies by Rob Brunner – Entertainment Weekly – 4th May (added 4th May)

New Releases for May by Cynthia Crossen – Wall Street Journal – 1st May (added 4th May)

A Canny Henchman, Targeting the Queen by Janet Maslin – New York Times – 1st May (added 4th May)

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