Books 2016 – on sale today – Prince Arthur: The Tudor King Who Never Was by Sean Cunningham

15 July 2016 – Prince Arthur: The Tudor King Who Never Was by Sean Cunningham

(c) Amberley Publishing

(c) Amberley Publishing

‘During the early part of the sixteenth century England should have been ruled by King Arthur Tudor, not Henry VIII. Had the first-born son of Henry VII – Arthur, Prince of Wales (1486-1502) – lived into adulthood, his younger brother Henry would never have become King Henry VIII. The subsequent history of England would have been very different; since the massive religious, social and political changes of the Henry VIII’s reign might not have been necessary at all.

In naming his eldest son Arthur, Henry VII was making an impressive statement about what the Tudors hoped to achieve as rulers within Britain. Since the story of Arthur as a British hero was very well-known to all ranks of the crown’s subjects, the name alone gave the young prince a great deal to live up to. Through Arthur’s education, exposure to power and responsibility, his key marriage to a Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon, and his preparation for kingship, did Henry VII hope to shape his heir into a paragon of kingship that all of Britain could look up to?’

This biography explores all of these aspects of Prince Arthur’s life, his relationship with his brother and imagines what type of king he might have been. The book is illustrated with 50 illustrations, 30 in colour.


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Further details – Amberley Publishing

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