More information about ‘Crown of Blood’ by Nicola Tallis

(c) Michael O'Mara Books

(c) Michael O’Mara Books

There are some interesting details about ‘Crown of Blood: The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Grey’ by Nicola Tallis (published 3 Nov 2016) in the Michael O’Mara Books catalogue.

‘Following Lady Jane Grey’s journey from the deadly intrigues of her childhood that led inexorably through to her trail and execution at the age of seventeen, Nicola Tallis explores new evidence that brings fresh insight to the life of the Nine Days Queen. She reveals the human and emotional story that has thus far been neglected, introducing us to a young woman and religious radical who ultimately became a martyr for her faith.

An important and significant retelling of an often misread tale.

Examines evidence that has never been used in a biography, including Jane’s own letters and prayers, jewel inventory and legal documents.

Challenges popular myths, including the demonization of Jane’s mother and Jane’s own motivations.’

From page 4 of the Michael O’Mara Books Catalogue

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