Syon Park

Yesterday I visited Syon Park, the London home of the Duke of Northumberland. It was amazing to stand in the Long Gallery (albeit remodelled since Tudor times) and be in the place where Lady Jane was told she was Queen of England. Syon is also where Katherine Howard was imprisoned before being taken to the Tower of London.

Syon has portraits of Lady Jane and Katherine Grey with her son. Our visit was all the more enjoyable thanks to the efforts of two very knowledgeable guides in the Long Gallery and the Print Room.

The Print Room guide told us that a children’s tv programme had been filmed at Syon a few weeks ago and the programme was about the search for Lady Jane Grey.

We also had quite a long discussion on the Syon portrait of Lady Jane Grey and the recent analysis of it by Dr Stephan Edwards (Some Grey Matter.

I will be adding Syon Park to the ‘Places’ section of my website, so look out for more details and some photos.

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