Review 2007

At the beginning of March it was announced that Dr David Starkey had discovered a possible contemporary portrait of the nine day queen. The miniature by Teerlinc is owned by the Yale Center for British Art in America.

The miniature was on display as part of the ‘Lost Faces’ exhibition at the Philip Mould Historical Portraits Gallery, London from the 6th to the 18th of March (see blog ). The exhibition also included another possible painting of Lady Jane Grey. This painting is known as the ‘Wrest Park’ portrait.

The Lady Jayne or Streatham portrait went on display in Room 3 at the National Portrait Gallery, London in the spring. The Gallery called it ‘A Memorial Portrait of Lady Jane Grey.’ The postcard of this painting went on sale towards the end of 2007.

In June, Justin Nolan gave a talk (see blog ) about the portrait. He focused on the historical Lady Jane Grey, the idea of Lady Jane Grey and the painting itself.

From May to late autumn there was the rare chance to see the engraving by Willem and Magdalena Van de Passe entitled ‘Lady Jane Dudley (nee Grey)’. The engraving is not usually on display at the National Portrait Gallery.

In October Dr Stephan Edwards gave a talk at the Surrey History Centre. ‘A Queen of a New and Pretty Invention – Lady Jane Grey and the Loseley Manuscripts’, focused on Jane’s date of birth and her actions during her nine day reign (see blog ).

The September issue of ‘Notes and Queries’ journal included an article by Dr Edwards. In ‘On the Birthdate of Lady Jane Grey’ he argued that Jane was probably born before July 1537.

Books published this year that featured Jane included; ‘Edward VI: The Lost King of England’ by Chris Skidmore, ‘Mary Tudor: The First Queen’ by Linda Porter and ‘Raven Queen’ (a fictional work for younger readers) by Pauline Francis.