In ‘Arbella Stuart: A Rival to the Queen’, David N Durant writes that there was a portrait of Lady Jane Grey in the 1566 Chatsworth inventory. He also states that, ‘in 1789 John Byng in his Torrington Diaries noted one’ (Durant,1978).

Mary Lovell writes, Bess ‘spent the remaining months of 1565 at Chatsworth, where, in the New Year, an inventory was taken. In My Lady’s Chamber: 3 tables, on which (pictures) of; Sir William Cavendish, my master (Sir William St Loe,) another of my lady (Bess), and another of my Lady Jane (Grey).’ p.193

The 1601 inventories of the three properties belonging to Bess of Hardwick (Chatsworth and the New and Old Buildings at Hardwick), do not list a portrait of Lady Jane.

The entry for Saturday 13 June 1789 by John Bying in his Torrington diaries, states that there is a portrait of Lady Jane Grey at New Hardwick Hall.

This painting is referred to in the following:

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