Events of January and February 1554 – 22nd February

On the 22nd February, the Wriothesley Chronicler, recorded that Queen Mary had pardoned prisoners involved in the rebellion.

‘who were ledd to Westminster to the Cowrte, coupled together with collers and halters abowte their neckes, and there in the Tylt-yeard kneeled afore the Queen lookinge owt at the gallerie by the gate, and cried for mercy e, who most gratiouslye gave to them their pardon.’ (1)

Henry Machyn recorded in his diary that the Lady Elizabeth arrived in London on this day.

‘The same tyme and day be-twyne iiij [and v of the] cloke at nyght my lade Elssabeth(‘s) grase c[ame riding] to London thrught Smythfeld unto West[minster] with a C. welvett cottes a-for her grace. A[nd her] grace rod in a charett opyn of boyth sydes. [And with] her grace rydyng after her a C. in cotes of [scarlet and] fyne red gardyd with velvett, and so thrught Fletstret unto the cowrt thrught the qu[een’s] garden, her grace behyng syke.'(1)


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