Events of January and February 1554 – 17th February

On the 17th it was the turn of Jane’s father to face trial for treason. The diarist, Henry Machyn noting, ‘ the duke of Suffoke rayned at Westmynster halle, and cast for he tresun, and cast to suffer deth.’ (1) The author of ‘The Chronicle of Queen Jane’ observed the Duke leaving the Tower for trial and his return, ‘who at his going out went very stoutely and cherfully enough, but his coming here he landed at the water gate with a countenance very hevy and pensyfe, desiring all men to praye for him.’ (2)

In Simon Renard’s despatch to the Emperor, he wrote, ‘Here in London executions have taken place in twenty or thirty different places, and one sees nothing but gibbets and hanged men. The Ambassdor also commented that the Lady Elizabeth was still on her journey to London as she ‘ is so unwell that she only travels two or three leagues a day.’ (3)


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