Events of January and February 1554 – 12th February

The executions of Guildford and Jane were noted in the Chronicle of the Grey Friars,

‘Item the xij. of Februarij was beheddyd wythin the tower lady Jane that wolde a bene qwene; and hare husband whose name was Gylford Dudley at the Tower-hyll.’ (1)

Guildford was executed first on Tower Hill. According to the author of ‘The Chronicle of Queen Jane’, Jane had watched him leave the confines of the Tower and also saw his body returned for burial, ‘a sight to hir no lesse then death. (2)

Before leaving her rooms, Jane had written one last message in her prayerbook, this time to the Lieutenant of the Tower, Sir John Brydges. As she made the short walk to the scaffold, which was ‘made upon the grene over against the White tower,’ (3) Jane read from this book. On the scaffold, Jane addressed the small crowd who had gathered to see her die.

Less than a month later, Peter Martyr wrote to Henry Bullinger, ‘Jane, who was formerly queen, conducted herself at her execution with the greatest fortitude and godliness, as did also her father and her husband.’ (4)


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