Events of January and February 1554 – 10th February

On the 10th February, Jane’s father and one of her Uncle’s arrived at the Tower as prisoners of Queen Mary. (1) Jane herself had spent some of her day (2) debating with Dr Feckenham, in his failed attempt to save her immortal soul. The main points of their exchange had been written down and Jane added her name to them as a testament to her faith.

‘but my faith had armed my resolution to withstand any assault that words could then use against me. Of many articles of religion we reasoned, but these formerly rehearsed were the chiefest and most effectual.

Jane Dudley’ (3)


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2. Ives notes in ‘Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery’ that ‘Here in this Booke’ dates the dialogue with Feckenham ‘(his second visit) ‘two days before she suffered death’ (i.e. Saturday 10th February), while An Epistle dates it as four days before.’ (p.296, note 53, Ives)
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