Events of January and February 1554 – 29th January

On 29th January, the Windsor Herald reported that some of the troops sent to capture Wyatt at Rochester had joined his insurrection. (1) Henry Machyn wrote that Wyatt and his troops had marched to Blackheath and ‘so forward toward London with (a great) army commyng.’ (2)

The Imperial Ambassadors continued in their reports, even though the usual route to the ports was blocked by Wyatt’s army, they had made alternative arrangements to send their dispatches. They were concerned that the Privy Council had not yet obtained extra troops to guard the Queen and asked Charles V to offer what help he thought suitable. The Queen had summoned the Lady Elizabeth to court but Elizabeth had declined to travel as she was unwell. Most worrying for Jane, was the news that her father and uncles had been proclaimed traitors (3).