Arbella Stuart

Arbella Stuart was the great granddaughter of Margaret Tudor (through her second marriage to Archibald Douglas) and also the niece of Mary Queen of Scots. In 1610 she married William Seymour, Duke of Somerset (the great-great grandson of Mary Tudor and grandson of Catherine Grey).

However, in 1602 Arbella wrote a letter to a John Dodderidge, asking him to arrange a meeting between herself and the eldest grandson of the Earl of Hertford (Edward Seymour, her future husband’s older brother) with a view to marriage. In the letter written before Christmas Day, Arbella asks that Edward bring with him some proof of identity.

‘as somm picture or handwriting of the Lady Jane Gray whose hand I know. and she sent hir sister a booke at her death which weare the very best they could bring…’ (Steen, 1994).

When the Earl of Hertford learned of the plan, he informed Queen Elizabeth and the meeting never took place.

A full version of her letter can be found in the following:

The Letters of Lady Arbella Stuart edited by Sara Jayne Steen

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