Review 2009

‘The Sisters Who Would Be Queen: The Tragedy of Mary, Katherine and Lady Jane Grey’ by Leanda de Lisle was published in January (see Reviews). At the end of the month, she gave a talk focusing on Lady Jane at the New Walk Gallery in Leicester ( Lady Jane Grey – The Sister Who Would Be Queen). An article about Katherine Grey The Other Royal Family) appeared in the Daily Express in January.

Leanda was interviewed on BBC Radio Lincolnshire on February 1st. (See main points of the interview ). This was followed by an interview on Woman’s Hour (BBC Radio 4) on February 4th. (See main points of the interview or listen to it at Woman’s Hour). Another interview was featured in the Leicester Mercury Interview).

Lady Jane was the subject of the BBC Radio 4 afternoon play called ‘The Nine Days Queen’ by Amanda Whittington.

From mid March to the beginning of November, the ‘On the Nature of Women: Tudor and Jacobean Portraits of Women 1535-1620’ exhibition continued at Montacute House, Somerset (see
). It included the National Portrait Gallery portrait, ‘Unknown Woman, formerly known as Lady Jane Dudley (nee Grey)’.

In April, Leanda de Lisle very kindly answered questions about her book that had been submitted to the blog. You can read her answers here – Q&A with Leanda de Lisle.

The Streatham portrait was removed from display at the National Portrait Gallery in April and the same portrait was used when Lady Jane was featured as part of a set of Tudor stamps .

A special walk to see the veteran trees of Bradgate took place on June 6th and Sally Henshaw gave several talks about Lady Jane.

In June, the National Gallery announced that a ‘Painting History: Delaroche and Lady Jane Grey’ is one of five exhibitions in 2010.

Leanda de Lisle (The Sisters Who Would Be Queen) and Eric Ives (Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery) gave talks about their books at the Throckmorton Literary Festival in September.

‘Katherine Grey: Heir to Elizabeth’ by de Lisle appeared in the September issue of History Today. Another article, ‘Faking Jane’ was featured in the September issue of the New Criterion, in which she argued that the Spinola letter containing the only detailed description of Lady Jane is a fake.

‘Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery’ by Eric Ives was published in October (see Reviews). Congratulations to Sonja Marie for the mention of ‘The Lady Jane Grey Internet Museum.’

In October and November, Leanda de Lisle gave two further talks on the Grey Sisters. In December, two articles by Leanda appeared at The Elizabeth Files –‘Katherine Grey: Heir to Elizabeth’ and at –‘Debunking the Myth of Lady Jane. ‘

Books that featured Jane included: ‘Mary Tudor: England’s First Queen’ by Anna Whitelock,‘Tudor Queens of England’ by David Loades and ‘Elizabeth’s Women: The Hidden Story of the Virgin Queen’ by Tracy Borman.