Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery – UK Reviews – Updated 28 February

UK reviews have started appearing for ‘Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery’ by Eric Ives.

Queen Briefly by Diane Purkiss – The Times Literary Supplement – 12 February 2010 – added 28 February – New

’Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery is not a study of Jane Grey but a book on her chief supporter John Dudley, with additional essays on Jane and Dudley’s son Guildford. Ives wraps Dudley in Jane’s romantic skirts.

The chapter on Jane’s imprisonment is particularly moving. The ambivalent relations with Lord Guildford Dudley, and their meetings in the garden of the Tower, spring to tragic life. However, what we learn does not make as much difference to mid-Tudor history as Ives promises.

The book is really a series of essays. All are worth reading, all raise important questions, but some of the answers are better than others.’

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