Viewing the ‘Lady Jayne’ portrait at the National Portrait Gallery

I went to the National Portrait Gallery today to see the ‘Lady Jayne’ (Streatham portrait). The painting is in Room 3 of the Tudor galleries. As you enter Room 2 you can see the painting at the far end of the next room.

The strong colour of her dress against the dark background pulls you towards it. Up close your eyes are drawn to the prayer book or bible (?) in her hand.

‘…her hair, which is nearly red. Her eyes are sparking and reddish brown in colour.’(Baptisa Spinola, 10 July 1553, from Plowden, 1985)

The sitter has brown eyes and her hair has a reddish tinge to it.

It is the only painting on the wall and on the adjoining wall there is a lot of information about it. The gallery are calling it, ‘A Memorial Portrait of Lady Jane Grey.’

Read about this new portrait at Lady Jane Grey 

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